Concrete Driveways

Long story short

Being that we are a concrete company, we understand that driveways are one of the best ways to showcase our capabilities. When we install a driveway for our customers, we expect that driveway stand out among the others in the neighborhood.  There is no better way for us to generate more business, than professionally installing a driveway, both you and your neighbors will enjoy looking at.

When tearing out and replacing your driveway, there are many things that set the professionals apart.

Here are a few things we take into consideration:

  • Knowing what type of ground is being poured on is key, when it comes to proper base being placed and compacted, as well as thickness of concrete being poured.
  • Only using the best concrete offered to us, which are always specified to be 4,500 PSI mixes. There are no upgrades
  • Using proper steel reinforcement, which gives the driveway overall strength and longevity
  • Installing relief joints where they are needed and knowing when there needs to be separation from existing concrete or structures.
  • Pulling permits, staying within your city’s guidelines, and abiding by all codes and restrictions.